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Writings & Whatnot by Rob Hill

Published Works

Nightfiends” (Akashic Books‘ “Mondays Are Murder” series, Feb 2015)
Author interview for Armchair/Shotgun (Mar 2015)
Ghosts” (Armchair/Shotgun issue 5, Apr 2015)
Solitaire” (Eunoia Review, Jul 2015)
The Ghost Was Groping For His Head” (Bitterzoet Magazine, Nov 2015)
Crash Helmet” (Harpoon Review, Feb 2016)
The Bride With the Hollow Eyes” (Scrutiny Journal, Mar 2016) [available here]
The Umbrella” (Funny in Five Hundred, Apr 2016)
Lost Glove” (Sweater Weather Magazine, Sep 2016)
The Vagrant” (Across the Margin, Oct 2016)
Breaking and Entering” (Scarlet Leaf Review, Oct 2016)
The Bird Sanctuary” (Entropy, Oct 2016)
The Bleeding House” (Visitant, Oct 2016)
Butterfly in a Box” (Polychrome Ink, Nov 2016)
The Balloonseller” (Bottlecap Press, Mar 2017) [available here]
Victory” and “Dead Matches” (Citron Review, Apr 2017)
Hell Frozen Over” and “Baby Grand” (Newtown Literary, Jun 2017)
The Pocketbook” (Flash Fiction Magazine, Jul 2017)
The Severed Man” (Dodging the Rain, Aug 2017)
Commuter’s Folly” (Spadina Literary Review, Nov-Dec 2017)
Two Out-of-Work Stuntmen” (Soft Cartel, May 2018)
Dead Bulb” (Sunlight Press, May 2018)
“Snakes & Ladders” (Thrice Fiction, Aug 2018)
“Dead Man’s Shoe” (Freeze Frame Fiction‘s Maniacal Anthology)